Email error cloudflare

Hey all,

I’m trying to add email addresses to my cloudflare account that’ll be in use with ghost, but ever since I configured it to use mailgun I get this error:

Email Routing is currently disabled and not routing emails. Enable Email Routing

It would appear that they also want a MX record for cloudflare? Am I reading this correctly?


I’m going to close this one. I think I was mixing up errors. I can send out email invites from my ghost site with no issue.


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Hey Cathy,

Here was the error I was receiving:

Cloudflare wants me to enable email routing, but everything works that I need to have on my website.
It wants me to delete my current records though.

TXT v=spf1 ~all Delete

Since things work I’m apt to ignore it. Is you see this let me know if that’s cool.