Cant set up Newsletter and Suscribe properly con Ghost 4.0

- What’s your URL?**
- What version of Ghost are you using? 4.0 (latest)
- How was Ghost installed and configured? On Azure VPS Ubuntu 18.04 based
- What Node version, database, OS & browser are you using? 14.17.2 nodejs , W10 , Edge/Chrome

Hi guys , im trying to figure out how to fix this problem , i followed the documentation and tried a few times but i cant seem to find the problem.
The thing is , after completing the Mailgun and Ghost Newsletter setup , when i click on Suscribe it won’t let me
I setted Mailgun records on Cloudflare , just to be sure i deleted them and setted the records again a few times but no results.
I setted the private api key from Mailgun aswell , i just followed all the steps and can’t figure out what is failing here.

Thanks in advance for the help , if you need aditional info just let me know i will reply asap

In the DNS management for your website on Cloudflare, does the CNAME for look like this? Or is the cloud icon in that row presently orange (proxied)? If so, you need to change it to DNS only.

Just changed it but it keeps giving me error

Have you purged the cache in Cloudflare and restarted your Ghost server?

Just did , but nothing :s , ive read so many things online but all of the articles or almost all of them are configuring SMTP , afaik i dont need to touch de json file right?

Follow the guide here to update your config.production.json file. Or this section in the official documentation.

The funny thing is that i had already done that step before but i think i missed a } and i had to reinstall ghost again :joy:

I mark as solved since i bet more people will have this problem later on, thanks a lot for your time and help and have a great day Donald!

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You’re very welcome :slightly_smiling_face: And the same to you!

By the way (and sorry bothering you again) , i noticed under settings the mails people have to contact me are this

If for some reason someone writes me an email on this address where i receive the message?

Thanks a lot man <3

You can change those email addresses to whatever you like, for example or

But you’ll need to set up those custom domain email addresses somewhere, if you haven’t already. Google Workspace is one option.

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Cant explain how much you helped me today mate , really appreciate you took the time to give me a hand , best wishes!

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