Email Template Customization

Hi, I was wondering if new post email can send only a short summary/exerpt of the post as the newsletter and have the subscriber click to the site to read the entire post. Right now it sends the entire post to the members. I thought the Excerpt field in the post settings was for that purpose so tried and tested it but it didn’t do it. I just want to make sure that my finding is correct.

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+1 on this.
I am currently trying out Ghost Pro. I love Ghost, but this is the only problem that keeps me from fully deciding on paying for Ghost as the target audience does not understand emails sent in English.

This is relatively simple feature update to convince wider range of people to use Ghost.


+1 … our readers mostly don’t know English …

Hey guys,

you can edit the 3 templates for the transactional emails called:

Note: Those are core files and will be overwritten on ghost updates (so make backups)

Restart ghost after editing the files


Hi everybody!

You can edit invitation letter template in “invite-user.html” path:

there are also:

Restart ghost after editing.


I am on 3.25.0 version and the template to edit for newsletters is




You can’t customize the email theme? That is crazy.

The whole reason I’m using Ghost vs something like is that I assumed an open-source project would allow customization.

I’m working on a project the definitely needs a custom newsletter theme.

I was assuming an open-source project with custom handlebar templates, styles etc… would allow custom email template.

I am super disappointed to hear this. Now I have to start over and use another platform.

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Yeah at least translation for sure

Members feature is in beta !

Is it available now?

I do not think so

Consider the fact that I’m completely new with using Ghost and that you seem to know what you’re talking about, may I ask you this;

Can we copy these files to the theme and that way, prevent core override on update / upgrade or is editing core files the only option? For example; WordPress does child themes for this reason.


I am sure there’s an option. Seems to be a solution in this thread, but it seems to require core file editing… not sure though…

Yes and if you pay for Ghost Pro, you are locked and cannot modify Ghost file to translate newsletters and sent email :joy:

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I’m going to be doing the same, my plan is to create a custom Docker image and in the Dockerfile copy over my custom email templates.

Sorry for asking but what is a Docker image? Do you mind explaining what you’re planning on doing? Maybe I could learn something. Currently trying to customize my email newsletters. Thanks!

This is the correct answer. :muscle: Thanks.!

I edited signup.js to change the email.


I changed “:raised_hands: Complete your sign up to ${siteTitle}!” (What’s in between the Title tags) but the subject line in my email did not change. Changes I made to the body did go through.
Is this the right place to change the subject line?

Thank you.

Did you, after the change, restart ghost?

yes, I made changes to the body at the same time, and those changes went through