Embed video.mp4 wrong place

  • What’s your URL? Since there is no issue just question in general can i leave this blank?
  • What version of Ghost are you using? 2.15.0
  • What configuration? Production | Nginx | Mysql

I was looking around for about 1h and i found no way how to embed a custom video .mp4 from my own cdn and display it in same way as you display videos when we embed from one of those providers https://oembed.com/providers.json in a Post Video template

So my question is actually simple, is there any way how to display my video at the right place? i can use some other player actually i don’t think will be a problem just the place seems totally wrong i wanted it to be at the top of the post but is below author :confounded: to understand better 2 examples

1 : Everything is perfect https://allstartv.co/super-dragon-ball-heroes-episode-1-english-sub/

2 : Embed video is not in right place https://allstartv.co/super-dragon-ball-heroes-episode-2-english-sub/

is this possible to do? if yes can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong, please?

Thank you


@theraw your links both lead to 404s. If you can provide screenshots and examples of how and where you are trying to embed your video in the editor perhaps someone will be able to help.


sorry about that, the way i was trying to embed videos was direct as mp4 (direct link ex https://cdn.allstartv.co/dbh/2.mp4) but on my Cdn was no “oembed” so ghost doesn’t support to embed directly videos .mp4 which sounds weird in one part.

However, after talking with theme creator, he helped me to somehow force the embed thing with some custom script and show it as it should be

I hope ghost in next releases will support embed .mp4 videos from custom sources not only from https://oembed.com/providers.json at last i don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t!

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