Embedding an Image hosted on Smugmug/Zenfolio, etc

Hey All

Is it possible to embed an image in a post using a publically accessible URL that is generated by services line Smugmug/Zenfolio/etc? When I’ve tried, ghost doesn’t load the URL and just produced an error and the option to retry?

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated


I don’t have a SmugMug or zenfolio account, but a little googling says that smugmug will give you an embed code. If you post the embed code here, I can probably help you get it into Ghost. :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in Flikr (which is owned by SmugMug?!), that’s embeddable, but not using the embed link (go figure). Use HTML instead.

Here’s a quick tutorial showing how it works with Flikr. Might help you figure out how to do other image embeds also?

Thank you all. For reference I found that photo bucket will let you embed directly which is nice