Energy consumption, statistics etc


This is a general question of ghost vs other blog engines.
One of the seeming benefits to me concerning ghost is that is a “lighter” approach in design, thus less overhead.
Or so I would think. Can anyone tell me if there have been any studies done for electrical consumption for example on the various engines, say ghost vs a full blown Wordpress site?
Just wondering.
This is my first post here.
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Kind of.

Under normal loads independent tests have found Ghost to be up to around 1,900% faster than WordPress, which is to say that in terms of efficiency, Ghost serves 19 requests in the time it takes WordPress to serve 1 and generally handles those requests in a more efficient manner which results in dramatically lower memory use when placed under any load.

Actual electrical consumption is fairly tenuous because you can set up servers and caching any number of ways and argue both sides.


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Thank you that gives me a place to start.
Have a great week.

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