Ghost website not sending subscription links

Ghost version 3.1( Lyra theme)
I have integrated mailgun and updated the config file on digital ocean - yet the site is not sending subscription emails

Thank you

@sk1382 the Mailgun config in the members admin area is only for the bulk email newsletters.

For transactional email such as staff user invites, forgotten password emails, member magic link emails, etc the system mail config is used which lives in your config file

Thank you for your reply.
I am still unsure what to do.

The magic links are not being sent when the user clicks on subscribe and enters their email.

Thank you

@sk1382 you need to configure a transactional mail service in your config file and make sure it’s fully set up so that emails can be sent to external domains - instructions are in the docs page I linked you to.

I have followed the instructions completely. It doesnt seem to work for me. i have updated the config.production.json as instructed. NOt sure what is missing. Sorry if I am missing something obvious

The steps I have followed are -

Setup an email sending account

Choose an external email service and sign up and verify your account. We highly recommend using [Mailgun]

Configure mail with Mailgun

Mailgun allows you to use your own domain for sending transactional emails.

Make a note of your domain information

Once your domain is setup, find your new email service SMTP username and password that has been created for you (this is not the ones you used to sign up for Mailgun with). You can find this under “Domain Information” and make a note of the following details:

  • Default SMTP login
  • Default password

Update your config.production.json file

Open your production config file in any code editor and paste the username and password you just copied into the defined fields

Once you are finished, hit save and then run ghost restart for your changes to take effect.

@sk1382 is your Mailgun account fully set up? Your DNS records (DKIM and SPF) should all be in place and verified before it will let you send email.

Also make sure you are using your real domain not a sandbox domain, sandbox domains can only send to explicitly specified authorised recipients.

I am using my real domain.

Also, the dns records are set and tested.

Nots sure what is missing

HI Kevin,

Just to add - I do get the test email - it is the magic subscription links that do not work

It works - I had missed a UI element in the LAB