Error updating ghost


I am getting this error wile updating ghost. Please help


Hey @vasuratran

Did you try updating the CLI with sudo npm i -g ghost-cli@latest ?
Then also please run ghost doctor and share the output of it here. I can also see, that you’re on Ubuntu 18. Our recommendation is Ubuntu 16, so that might also be an issue.

Let me know, how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:


Please find the results after running ghost doctor.


Ok so Aileen mentioned you need Ubuntu 16 and the screenshot you posted says the same thing - right? So that’s a pretty good indication of where to start

If you want to use an unsupported environment then you’ll have a harder time getting support from anyone - because others aren’t using that env


This looks related to


I agree that I am using Ubuntu 18.04. But there isn’t much difference in these two versions. It should actually enhance the performance and not hamper it.
However, l am not sure if there is any major change in the architecture of Ubuntu 18.04.
Also, I was able to update ghost and cli for some 3-4 times and started facing issues just recently.
Can someone help me resolve this issue? It would take much of my time and efforts to migrate it on a new server running 16.04.


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