Error uploading gif files

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Issue Summary

  • Can’t upload gif files anymore
  • No issue with png/jpg

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Just try wit a bigger gif

Setup information

Ghost Version 5.59.2

Node.js Version
If self-hosting - share which version of Node.js you’re using.

How did you install Ghost?
Using the Docker Hub outlined method using the docker-compose.yml.
Local storage - ./content:/var/lib/ghost/content and ./db_mysql:/var/lib/mysql

Provide details of your host & operating system
Proxmox 8, VM Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Docker version 23.0.3.

Database type

Browser & OS version
Firefox 116

Relevant log / error output
Copy and paste any relevant log output. Use backticks to format this into code.

Are you sure it’s just gifs? I wonder if this is actually an upload size limit and gifs just tend to be larger…

It’s just gifs.
Yes the gifs are really large 5-10M but they used to work with older versions.
Sam resault with 1.2M and 1.5M

I use a work around to get past the issue.
Insert a HTML element and call the gif from it.

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