Error when trying to send the emails


When I am trying to send the emails I get the error message:

I have around 1000 emails on the list.

When I tried to send to only 150 emails it worked and everything was sent.

My URL is
Version: Ghost 4.0

Everything else works just fine

I am using native integration with Mailgun.

Hey. I had the same issue. You need to use MySQL rather the SQLite.

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Hi @Alex_Pisarevsky - please update to the latest version of Ghost and let us know if you still have the same problem

Thank you very much! Made this and it worked!

How can I help you? Can give you a free subscription to our :slight_smile:

Migrated to MySQL from SQLite and it started to work

Glad it worked :+1: Yep a sub would be great - thanks. Really appreciated