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after integrating ghost version 4 with heroku for a blog practice and it lead me to ghost i created an account and went for custom ap … integrated the Api key and Url in my application so i can recieve the resources fromm ghost but,
when i enter
yarn dev
without any error on the screen the program runs i have put a console.log to see the data coming from ghost and somehow it is not receiving the dta…
for more details i have uploaded the image

If you’re on Ghost 4.x then the URLs are different. Ghost 5.x dropped versioned URLs and it looks like you’re using the 5.x ones rather than the 4.x ones.

On 4.x the content API lives on

I’d suggest upgrading to the latest version of Ghost to avoid any confusion with different URLs or “missing” features when following along with the docs.

the problem is i can not find the heroku integration for ghost version 5 i can find 3,4 but not 5 and when i integrate the version 4 using github it will take me to ghost platform with v5.0. is there a way or link i can use.
below i have attached the ghost integration of version 4 which i am using.

thank you so much for the support … i am new here and sorry if my question sounded stupid. i am a new dev. the support here is just amazing love you soo much have a good day. my problem is solved

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