Expertise of a ‘Commenter’

Hi! I’m adding comments as an option for paid members. I’m using Ghost-Pro. I have three questions about what happens after a commenter has entered their ‘Expertise’ in the initial pop-up at signing up to comment on a post.

I believe all three are important for moderation by both site members and by site owners. The option has been built into Ghost for a good reason.


As is wisely set out in the Community Guidelines (Community guidelines — fostering valuable contributions), Ghost-Pro automatically always requests both the name and the ‘Expertise’ of a new commenter. That is because this is an important part of comment moderation strategy on most sites. I have looked for the answers in the forum to the following questions, but can’t find them. There is a similar question to this one from August 2022, now closed, which had no answers posted - not even by a moderator on this important topic for safe blogging spaces with comments enabled (How do members change their expertise )


  1. Can a Commenter go back and change or add to their Expertise, for example if they have developed an expertise appropriate to their commenting - if so, how?

  2. Can the site owner see the Expertise listed by each commenter, for example when moderating a comment - if so, how?

  3. Can a second commenter see the Expertise of a comment they have read, for example to see if the listed Expertise of the person making the comment they have just read is relevant to it - if so, how?

Thank you :blush:

  1. A commenter can update their expertise at any time by opening a new comment and clicking on the expertise. This will open the dialogue to update your profile, including expertise.

  2. Expertise is listed for whoever can see the comment. The site owner can add themselves as a member and check that way.

  3. Any member who can see comments will also be able to see expertise.


Ryan, thank you! I now understand - I could not know this as I plan my strategy for implementing moderated comments because - as far as I can tell - this information is placed here for the first time anywhere on the website.

So, the most important benefit of your excellent reply is that something that might have been included in the original announcement (eg the otherwise excellent Ghost blog-post) is now available for all Ghost users.