Explanation of the directory structure of ghost content current versions

Explanation of the directory structure of ghost content current versions

Is this a question? Or ?

Hello, I am currently developing a CMS website using Ghost and have a few questions I would like to inquire about

  1. Ghost version 5.6+install local has three folders: content current versions. Can you briefly introduce their functions and configuration files

  2. How to convert the local ghost admin into a Chinese website? Thank you for informing us. Thank you very much

The admin panel is not available in other languages, according to this FAQ.

Ghost /is/ open source, so you could fork the admin code and add your translations.

How can ghost admin be internationalized using locales/en.json? Create a folder/folder/locales/en. json under that file. Give me an example. Thank you.
Another issue is that after localization, the website registration account does not pass, as shown in the figure

That’s the portal. You’ll want to turn on portal translation under /ghost > settings (gear icon ) > labs

content/settings/locales/zh.json Is it possible to localize ghost admin in Chinese?

But this cannot set ghost admin translation

As the link I posted says, translation has not been done for ghost admin.

ok As a developer I want to understand ghost instal local Three directories content current version
Three directories help me Thank you
Is the core code for writing the server in current/core
Where to Start with Self Secondary Development
Thank you very much again

Simply put, the three directory structures and functions of content current version
Where to start with secondary development