Extend the Unsplash integration

I know this has been asked for already, but the old Topic was closed after 14 days :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have found a beautiful image on Unsplash, using the website, but I am not able to insert it in the ghost admin. The reason: whatever search terms I enter in the search field, that particular image never appears.

So it would be very useful, if I could enter the photo-id and/or the URL.

I am willing to give it a try and implement it myself, if only I am sure that, if I create a PR, it is not rejected as “we don’t need this”.

You already can use any URL to insert an image.

As for the image that you couldn’t find via the search, are you able to share the link here? The search is powered directly by Unsplash, not Ghost, so it sounds like there could be bug somewhere on their end.

Hello Kevin,

sorry for my late reply.
Apparently my problem description was not complete. I am encountering the problem when trying to insert the image for a Tag, not as inline image in a post. And in this use case I can not enter a URL.

I know, I would not be in this situation, if I had written down the search terms I used on the site :frowning_face:

BTW: I also noticed that entering the same search terms in Ghost and on Unsplash does not always return the same results.

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