Ghost team amenability/roadmap to Admin Editor extension for displaying integration content/interactions


I was wondering if there is any roadmap in-place for extending the ember.js admin web app itself, or any core ghost team to accept PRs that implement this feature.

I understand that the admin API allows us the same level of control as the ember.js admin app, but I would like to implement features that would benefit greatly from being controllable via the ember.js app rather than needing to go out and create/manage a separate admin panel.

Example use-case

For example, one feature I am hoping to get is a “downgrade post tier after X time or on X date” or “downgrade post tier after X posts in this tag/category,” it’s a very common use-case self-published webnovels to have tiers where you can read “X advanced chapters” if you pay a certain monthly fee. It seems very silly to me that I would need to potentially login to another admin panel to just see these settings.
The admin post editor sidebar could be extended to configure these options, or a new page in the admin panel settings screen could be managed to modify these settings. This would not be not unlike how the Settings → Integrations page of the admin panel lets you save settings. (I can’t seem to find documentation on this, unfortunately)

Right now it seems like the only option is to fork the ghost admin, make your custom edits, and then whenever the ghost admin receives an update, manually deal with merging those core edits back into your fork. Which seems unreasonable.

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