Facebook Ads and analytics

hello there
does anyone knows how to place Facebook Audience Network banner in blog post?
i try to google search but no guide for that…or is it prohibited to place ads in ghost?

by the way, does ghost.org has any way the user can donate?
i believe some of the user does not use ghost pro…so lending some money as donation would help with the development.

I can’t speak to the ads part

Regarding donations— I also asked about this. Currently, they don’t really have a system to donate. They did mention that they accept donations via BTC/Bitcoin. But, I don’t do crypto currency, so I wasn’t able to utilize that option.

You can do whatever you want with ghost. If you use Ghost (Pro) for hosting, you need to abide by their terms of service, but other than that there are no restrictions as to what can be done with it.

I don’t know how FAN banner ads work, but can provide generic guidance. You can inject code into any post using post code injection (which will be useful if there’s a script you need to add) and you can insert raw HTML into your post. Just make sure to add a couple of linebreaks before returning back to markdown


<div id="facebook-ad-spot"></div>

# My super duper title
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Post injecting ads requires a global injection in all posts. :slight_smile:

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thanks i will try that…
i think facebook ads just work like google banner ads…

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