Fade content for logged out users?

I’m trying to acomplish something similar to what 404 Media does with their ghost theme: Behind the Blog: Social Media's ‘IDGAF Era’ and Weather Clout Chasers

They begin the content, but then fade it into the subscribe CTA. I’m not sure how to accomplish this with the post.hbs since there are no paramaters to limit what {{content}} generates.

Any suggestions?

Mark the post as members only, or paying members, or a specific tier, or whatever. Put the “public preview” line where you want it to cut out.

Then you’re going to overlay a gradient. Googling “CSS fade text to white” got me several tutorials that would likely get you there. Maybe this one? Text Fade Out / Read More Link | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

I found this more detailed suggestion for fading out preview content in a Forum post from '21. It’s down a bit in the thread as the OP’s initial question was about enabling a limited number of free articles (also would be a great feature if available/do-able in Ghost!):


Any suggestion(s) on how to integrate this fully into the Headline theme via code injection? Thanks!