"Free Public Preview" Function Not Working

Hi there,

I have been using Ghost for a little while, and have created some “Members Only” content.

There is a “Public Preview” function that supposes help to (1) Hide Bulk Of Content From Public View, and (2) Show Selected Content To Public For Free Preview.—I do understand this only affects for Website posts in particular.

Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 7.52.26 AM

This is the “Public Preview” tag I’m refering to:

Though I have placed the “Public Preview” tag after a few paragraphs that I am opening up for Free Preview, this few paragraphs actually do not show up at all, and the only part that shows, is the “indicator box to subscribe”, as shown below.

Oddly, I have noticed this happening since Ghost v4.0 to the Ghost v4.5.0 that I am using right now.

Hope someone can help shed some light on how to somehow make this work. Thank you!

This happens to all Premium content, where I had assigned “Public Preview” tags in all articles, but every article doesn’t show the “Free Preview” Content.

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  • Ghost v4.5.0
  • Ghost installed on UbuntuOS on DigitalOcean
  • Chrome 91 on macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Is the post(s) in question set to “members only”? If not, the public preview will not work.

I was having the same problem today and realized that if you’re overriding the default CTA in your theme (Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows) then you need to make sure you’ve got {{{html}}} in content-cta.hbs.

If you look at Dawn’s content-cta.hbs, you get an idea of what you need: Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows

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Hi @thebear.dev,

Yes. Current the post is set to “Members Only” and not public. An indication is also the display of the “Members Subscription box”.

Thanks for clarifying!

Hi @bryan ,

Thanks for the heads up! That is definitely an area to look into, given I am doing my own customisation from the Casper theme. Will update you if it works. Appreciate the pinpoint!

Hey Bryan,

Just swinging by. This solution is just perfect! Thanks so much! Really saved me a lot of trouble!

Hey @bryan
I am having the same issue (and also using a customized version of Dawn, which I asked someone to customize for me. Two things are going on here: #1 is that the file content-cat.hbs was not there on the theme. Should I make one (copy and paste on the same folder) based on content.hbs?
#2: Where exactly should I place {{{html}}} in it?
I’d appreciate if you can help me with that.
Thank you.

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@sgrobert maybe you figured this out already given you had the same issue? Would you mind giving me a tip on how to solve it?

Hi @Bruno_Silva ,

The solution is like what @bryan has explained previously.

Basically just insert {{{html}}} within your content-cta.hbs file (You should create a partial if you cannot find it), usually at the top of the page, and it should work immediately.

// content-cta.hbs


<your other codes here>

Hope it helps! Cheers :wink: