Free Public Preview VS. Members Only Toggle Not Working

Using the latest version with Dawn. Please see the two images for information. If I am using this incorrectly, please tell me.

I have the “Allow free member signup” turned on but I am not logged in nor registered as a member. To my understanding, parts of the post should thereby be hidden. The post is set to public access and I have, as you can see by the image, inserted the Free Public Preview / Members “toggle”.

Is this a bug or am I doing this wrong? have you set the post access level in the post settings menu (cog in top right of editor)? By default posts are public when created, although you can change the default post access level in the admin settings area.

It was a bug, now fixed. You need to redownload the theme.

But this pose a question, for me newbie. Is there some child theme as in wordpress? Or a tool to track edits?

@Kevin I have, in Settings, the default post access to public. The post itself is set to public and the register option is set to allow free memberships.

With those settings, what is the correct usage of the “Public preview toggle” for hiding content (to only show the content to paying members) while having parts of it available for all to read?

are you the theme author? I was not aware that this was theme dependent, I was (am) under the impression that this is Ghost related.

I mean a bug in the dawn team that affected the free preview. Try it locally to test.

I am testing it on a local setup now. Funny thing is, when looking at the package file, the version number between production and local is the same.

@Kevin It is the same on a local setup with Dawn (the version number is the same, 1.0.0). Inserting the public preview does not work = the full content of the post is visible.

Regarding child theme, no. Not as far as I know or have read about. I might be wrong though. All I know is that we have the option to create “custom content” by placing it in the partials folder and whatever content you place there with the correct naming should not be updated when the “parent” theme is updated (using “parent” to refer to WordPress).

Then the whole post will be available publicly. You need to change it to members or paid only to restrict the contents.

The members preview separator doesn’t change any post settings, it’s just an indicator of where the public portion will end when the post is not otherwise available publicly.

@Kevin Ah, now I get it :slight_smile: That was almost stupid on my part. I need to put the post as “paid members” and then insert the divider where I want the paid content to start.

Is there, by any chance, any ideas as to changing the divider behavior so that we can control parts of the content a bit more freely?


Available to all (H1, paragraphs, images etc)
– ADD DIVIDER HERE – Paid only (H2, paragraphs, code blocks, images etc)
Available to all (H2, paragraphs, code blocks, images etc)

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As per @kevin words, the split (public/members) only works if you have a members only post with some public content. Dawn had a bug but you probably installed the already fixed version

No idea if Dawn had a bug or not. Been using Ghost and Dawn for about 3-4 days now.

I am brand new to Ghost so I am just now starting to pick up on the coding used - which is easier and better compared to PHP and WordPess.

As long as I understand how things go together I can always change things (been doing WP dev work for a long time).

As per info I have, the bug was fixed on March 22nd. Is it now working.

Just to keep this within the same thread, slightly related.

If you create using public preview, when you send the email, to say members, should you select free subscribers - would they see what members are getting, or will they only see the public preview part?

When sending an email, the whole post will be sent to the selected members (free, paid, or otherwise).

The public preview card only affects what is shown to non-logged-in visitors.

Hey Kevin - Is there a way to send emails to free members that are gated (aka they can’t see the whole thing). In order to entice them to sign up for a paid membership? Thanks!

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I think this feature could use some further clarification as I am also confused here as for what to expect when using this.


  1. This content gate explicitly says FREE versus MEMBERS. But does not stipulate paid members. Is this an alternative option somewhere that I am missing as members and paid members are separate entities entirely too.

  2. Can the gated content also be gated when sending emails to free members and non-paying members?

  1. It’s the free public part of the full post, in that it’s what is shown to anyone who is not logged in as a member - anonymous users, search engines, etc. It allows you to show more of the article than what would be possible with just a custom excerpt.
  2. No, the card only controls free public access to content. If you send the post to members then the whole post will be sent, there’s no ability to send partial post content to members unless you create two separate posts and send them to separate groups of members.

With 4.14.0 there’s a new Email-only CTA card that you could use to encourage free members to sign up. E.g. If you publish daily to paid members but once a week you publish to both free and paid, then you could add some text and a signup button to the top of the email that only free members would see.

Thanks Kevin.

Out of curiosity, are there some best practices for going down the dual posts route? Because presumably if I do that and create 2 posts for each article, one for free and one for paid, then the paid members will see both versions and it will look terrible. Is it possible to hide posts from paying members?