Failed to read zip file

On local machine, I’ve made changes to the casper theme. I then used the download button to download the theme. In production, I use the upload button, selected downloaded theme then upload… then got “Failed to read zip file”

Form Data:

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename=""
Content-Type: application/zip

After the message, I got a status code of 422 :man_shrugging:t4:

This server is a one-click install using DO. I’ve recently upgraded to 2.25.8 (on both dev and prod) using:

ghost upgrade 2.25.8

Local machines cannot upload the same file it downloaded either :cry:

Think I got it. I needed to run gulp zip :hugs: as per package.json

This process should work :thinking: Do you see any more specific error messages in your log files?


“EINVAL: invalid argument, symlink ‘’ -> ‘/private/var/folders/zx/g_znzp193x76zdb8ppjgvd_w0000gn/T/ab72decc-cc39-4b21-81dd-94ad1ea27980/node_modules/gscan/test/fixtures/themes/030-assets/symlink2/assets/mysymlink’”

Thanks! That suggests that we should be skipping the node_modules directory if it exists when creating a zip on the server. I’ll open an issue.

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Issue opened here. This should be a fairly self-contained and small task good for anyone new to the codebase if someone fancies tackling it :smile:

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