Gscan online check error

I’m getting this weird error on gscan check on my theme:
Failed to read zip file

EACCES: permission denied, mkdir

ValidationError: Failed to read zip file at new ValidationError (/opt/gscan/shared/node_modules/ghost-ignition/lib/errors/index.js:134:23) at /opt/gscan/releases/2020-05-01T09:40:40.299Z/lib/index.js:34:19

I also get something similar when doing the check via gscan on cli. When I type the path to the .zip it says:
Checking theme compatability
Then returns back to the prompt. I’ve tried with multiple options. Does anyone know what this is about? Thank you.

Are you on Windows using gulp-zip < 5.0.2, if so, upgrading gulp-zip might fix it.

Else, how did you create the zip?

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Yes I was! Just updated things are working fine, thank you.

Is there anyway you could implement that into gscan to let users know they used an older version and should update?

By all means you can submit a PR if you can think of a way to make this clearer :slight_smile:

However, this is a bug in the tool you used to create the zip - it’s not a bug in gscan. It’s already been discussed on the forum twice, so I’m surprised the similar post tool didn’t flag it up.