"Failed to send email" error message misleading

Hi there,

Just exploring the good work with Ghost 3.2 and noticed one of the error messages is misleading:

Should you

  • have NO paid members
  • set up your post to be “Paid-members only”
  • chose to publish and email your post

You will get the following error:

"Failed to send email" error message 
Your post has been published but the email failed to send. Please [check your Mailgun configuration](XXX) if the error persists.

This is misleading since the reason the post is not emailed is because:

  • you’ve made the post “paid-members only”
  • but you have no paid members

This has nothing to do with Mailgun configuration as per the error message.

Everything will work as it should and the post will be emailed if you either:

  • Have a paid member (I hope it works, couldn’t test as I have no paid member)
  • Make the post public or members only

Just reporting the issue (should maybe have opened a github issue instead :slight_smile:)

Thanks for the good work Ghost team.

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