Post failed to send to members

The test email was delivered…the post email can’t be sent??

TXT and MX records are verified (Cloudlfare -> DO)

CNAME isn’t verified but I just need that for transactional emails I guess?

Does anyone have a clue what I need to take care of? Thanks so much.

check this post Email failed to send - please verify your email settings 📧 / Email service is currently unavailable - please try again

Grazie mille @giacomosilli.

However I did receive the Ghost ‘test newsletter email’ the mailgun analytics don’t show any sent emails…which means to me that Ghost sends this email in ‘another way’?

But most importantly that Mailgun isn’t set up yet? TXT and MX records are verified, CName not yet…

BUT I also never configured the JSON that you talk about(not a coder here, just figuring it out- -> IS that a necessary step? Any tutorial on that?

EDIT…the log file says this -> I get this in my sandbox domain not the one that I made??

FINAL EDIT: Just keeping this here as it can help out future noobs like me ->
Under LABS /MEMBERS/ EMAIL NEWSLETTER SETTINGS of course don’t use the sandbox domain BUT use the domain that you created in Mailgun.

I still didn’t configure the JSON file -> cause I don’t have a clue, but will figure this out with the help from the forum