Failed to use node v18.14.2 to run ghost-v5.59.0

I run ghost by NODE_ENV=production node current/index.js, and then got the error:

ghost@d46d6f30f9f7:~/Ghost$ NODE_ENV=production node current/index.js
[2023-08-15 08:50:19] ERROR Unable to run migrations

Unable to run migrations

"You must be on the latest v3.x to update across major versions -"
"Run 'ghost update v3' to get the latest v3.x version, then run 'ghost update' to get to the latest."

I read other posts saying that mysql needs to be upgraded to 8.0 to solve this problem, but my mysql version is already 8.0.

How to Reproduce:

  • version of ghost-cli: 1.19.3
  • version of ghost: 5.59.0
  • node-v16.14.2 is used when installing ghost-cli and after that I removed node16 and used node-18.14.2.
  • command: NODE_ENV=production node current/index.js

Is it that ghost v5.59.0 does not support node18?