Upgrade to Ghost 5.54.2

Upgrading to 5.54.2, got this message:

:heavy_multiplication_x: Downloading and updating Ghost to v5.54.2
A SystemError occurred.

Message: Ghost v5.54.2 is not compatible with the current Node version. Your node version is 16.13.0, but Ghost v5.54.2 requires ^16.14.0 || ^18.12.1

So upgraded my Node to 16.14.0. Ran Ghost Upgrade again, got this message:

Message: The version of Node.js you are using is not supported.
Supported: ^10.13.0 || ^12.10.0 || ^14.15.0
Installed: 16.14.0

What version of Node should I be using for v5.54.2?

Thanks, Len

Try rebooting the server and then trying the upgrade again. I had a similar issue when downgrading to an earlier version of Node. It’s like not all parts of the system recognise the change, even if they say they do.

It’s possible that some part of the Ghost CLI still thinks you’re running 16.13, even as it simultaneously throws an error with the correct version - 16.14 - cited.

Thanks! Reboot didn’t fix the problem, but led me to the solution. There was confusion between the system and the NVM version of node. Fixed.

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Hi, experiencing the same issue myself trying to update to 5.55.1 - any advice greatly appreciated:

Debug Information:
OS: Ubuntu, v20.04.6 LTS
Node Version: v18.17.0
Ghost Version: 5.41.0
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.17.1
Environment: production
Command: ‘ghost update’

Message: The version of Node.js you are using is not supported.
Supported: ^10.13.0 || ^12.10.0 || ^14.15.0
Installed: 18.17.0

I have tried rebooting multiple times and ghost restart, but to no avail.

Thank you.

In my case I was using NVM to indicate the appropriate version of node. That version of node would “disappear” when I logged off because the variable was only properly set for the current session.

For me, I was able to execute this command which sets the default node version in the shell:

nvm alias default x.x.xx

Where x.xx.xx is the version you want.


thanks for the response

I do not currently have nvm installed, not too familiar with that tbh, but will look into it.

Further to the above, I ended up spinning up a new ghost droplet on DigitalOcean and migrating content across! All up and running on latest version now, much easier and quicker than trying to resolve the issue with the NodeJS version conflict I had lol

You can try it below, hope it’s works

npm install -g n	 # Intall n globally
n 16.20.1 			# nIInstall and use v16.20.2
npm install -g ghost-cli@latest