Fathom, Plausible, Simple Analytics... which is the best privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative?

Does anybody have any experience with any other analytical tools? I’ve always used Google Analytics, but having moved to Ghost for the lightweight experience, I don’t want to start plastering Cookie Banners all over the place and having to deal with cookies etc.

What are you all using? I want to set up Analytics right away, so I don’t want to wait. But, I also don’t have any MRR at present, being a new build. So, ideally it’d either need to be cheap, or have free plan. This almost instantly rules out Simple Analytics, as I know they start at £19p/m, however, it looks extremely good and that’s why it’s still on the list.



GoatCounter (free for non-commercial use)
Very happy with it :slight_smile:


Cloudflare have one.

Plausible is pretty good and reasonably priced.

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big fan of plausible! its just enough analytics you need. and love their mission

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Ghostboard - Analytics of your Ghost blog is another option. It’s designed for Ghost and is priced similar to Plausible.

I’ve been using Plausible for a while and loving it. Great, simple interface, privacy-focused, & they’re based in Europe like I am.

The latter point is, I recall, why I chose them over Fathom & Simple. I believe all 3 are solid options.

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I’ve been using GoSquared since the start of the year.

I work with the original developer of Fathom. It’s a good tool and privacy focussed which was the main purpose of creating that tool.

I’m using a self-hosted instance of Plausible and it’s very good

Self-Hosting is without the GUI is it?

No, you have the GUI as well

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Oh, interesting! I thought it was just like an API that could plug into. Wow. That’s cool!

Or just still using google analytics, but without the cookies : Hate cookie banners? Want more privacy? Me too!

I’m using Umami. It’s self-hosted, open-source, has a nice UI, includes the most essential features, and is blazing fast on a $5 DigitalOcean droplet. I’ve been using it for about a month so far and I’ve really enjoyed my experience.

Very late to this topic (like 16 months late!) but want to call out Clicky Analytics. Have been using them for years, and like the price, the dashboard, the ability to dig down into things, and the support.