Feature Image Upload from Google Drive Link

I am currently using this fork of dawn theme (on Ghost v5.24.2 running on Mac OS v12.6.1) which contained the Table of Contents as I could not find the ToC in the latest version of the official dawn theme. In my fork I added card_assets": true, in the config field in package.json of my custom dawn theme folder (as mentioned in this forum post ) and all errors/warnings are fixed now.

However, when I upload a featured image for a post, from my local HDD it works in the localhost:2368 preview but it appears broken when I generate the static index.html file to publish to Github Pages (see attachment below). If I use any internet image from UnSplash it seems to be working fine (eg: Alignment Thumbnail is coming from UnSplash ). So I would like to move to Google Drive to host all my images, as there doesnt seem to be a working fix for this broken featured images.

Currently, I am only able to upload this HTTP Google Drive image link, my manually hacking the statically generated index.html file of the localhost blog site. How can I upload my image URL from Google Drive (generated from this tutorial ) for my Feature Image in the post, just like I am able to upload/use images from UnSplash?

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This is a non-typical setup and we’d likely need more to go on.

I can see that some kind of javascript lazy loading is being used, which is why the images aren’t loading.