Seeking Coder : Help With a Members Feature

I’d like to make all my posts so that the first portion of them are available to read…

But if you want to continue reading the rest, the signup / sign in box appears (blocking off the rest of the content)

I don’t think I can do this out of box… but I’ve heard I can do this with Ghost.

I’d happily pay someone (very well) for their time in helping me set this up.

Thanks so much!


It does do this out of the box.

  • Install Ghost.
  • Enable a theme that supports membership. E.g. Lyra.
  • Setup membership settings
  • Write a post (that is set to be members only / paid members only)
  • On the post settings enter an excerpt

The excerpt will be show before the prompt to pay.

The issue is that the except is limited to 300 chars with no easy formatting. It does the job, but it could be improved on for sure.

Perhaps this is good enough for your needs though which is why I share.

I need more than just the excerpt area. I want to write my articles in a way where people really get “into them” and right before it gets to the “ah ha!” Moment, the box for them to join to become a member is blocking off the rest of the content.

Hi Chris,

Indeed I don’t believe what you are looking for is available out of the box from Ghost. We have customized a version of Ghost for our own needs which provides a very similar feature as you are describing (except finding the ah ah moment), however it uses our own payment technologies and not the vanilla membership features.

Feel free to DM me if you would like to discuss further.


DM sent

Actually, I can’t DM. Can you let me know how else I can contact you

Hi Chris: to my attention. I will pick up the message and we can discuss more.