Snippet for pay walled content


I’m aware that there’s the separator for a free/preview part of a pay walled/member only article.

I’m wondering if it is possible to create a snippet (with handlebars?) to insert one or more sections which are only available for members?

I’d like a section of text, followed by a section for members, followed by a section of text visible for everyone, followed by a section for member … and so on …

That would be perfect for e.g. some content and e.g. a supportive download for members. Non-members should see a hint to the content.

Is something like that (more or less easily) doable?


That seems quite complex to setup and maintain, have you considered using anchor links in your content instead? You could link to a downloads section at the bottom of the page throughout your main content, and add the paywall card just before the downloads section. This pattern is quite common with articles which have several links or references that have been pulled out to prevent cluttering the main content

Yeah, I considered it but in some cases the paywalled content belongs to the sections. Moving it to the end breaks the reading structure.

(E.g. analysis of something and additional supporting numbers, etc. or the other way around) It would be easier to read to keep them together. But I guess, I have to split it up for now…