Feedback on my blog

Looking for feedback on my blog, I worry about my blog posts being boring and would like honest feedback, so I know what I need to fix and focus on . Go to

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Looking great! One thing I would do is to move the terms/privacy/disclosure links from the primary navigation to the secondary navigation - this will make them appear in your footer, rather than in the main site navigation, leaving you more space to help readers navigate to content, but still be able to find the legal pages if needed.


Looks good! :raised_hands:

Your about page could be a little more engaging and personal. It also lacks an explanation of what visitors to your site will get from your work, and a call to action.

We have a resource about this with lots of tips you might find helpful: The only 4 sections every About Me page needs

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Thank you. I’m worried about my blog being boring especially my blog posts, as that goes what do you think? Would pay to subscribe to my work or no?

Thank you for your feedback and input. My question is my blog content entertaining enough for people to pay and subscribe to.

@Lora_Trhlik1 I think a better way to frame this would be to identify and internalize what your niche is, and who your audience are — and then ask those people if your content is interesting enough.

Here’s a few more resources that are really useful on this topic:

I think the blog looks awesome but at first sight I am not sure what exactly is about (except of course that you are a writer). But, for example:
Are you a writer of every day anecdotes telling your life?
Or are you giving content for others to learn on a writing path?
Or are you writing about recommendations for learning materials, or books, or products or services of any kind?
Or, the options could go on…

So the issue that I find is as mentioned above: being able to distinguish the niche.
If you want to have subscribers you need to think on the type of subscriber that you want and catter to their likes.

For example, if you were an instagram influencer a recommendation that is always given is that you either follow a particular color scheme or a particular theme, take the example of this artist: On Being a Wildflower
(random artist I follow on my insta, her drawings are cute and I have a pair of gerbils lol).

Notice how her latest posts follow a pattern BUT if you go below, you will notice that she started doing this only a few months ago (maybe?).
I discovered her about 2 weeks ago and honestly I loved her page so I clicked on her profile and went down the gallery and if I had entered that gallery half a year ago I would not have followed that account.

Check the difference it makes, the same goes for blogs, you gotta make your own image in a particular way so you attract the people you want.

I can recommend you this Udemy course:

The best feedback about your content comes from people who read your blog.

I can see your Facebook page is observed by 37 people. The best would be to ask your audience

Your content is brilliant, and your theme helps visitors focus on that.


  • It’s not immediately apparent what your blog is about
  • That was mainly due to the fact there was a lot of disclaimers and copyright text
  • It distracts the visitor away from the content; as a result, there are no hooks in the snippets to draw me in
  • Nothing enticed me enough to subscribe, and that’s not because the content wasn’t good. It’s because it took me too long to understand what it was about

Actionable points:

  • Make it clear what your blog offers or what niche you’re serving in
  • Tell the user directly what the benefit of subscribing is, what they get etc.
  • Answer any questions you may think they may have directly
  • Remove the copyright from the snippet and place it in the footer
  • Use the top of your post to hook your users in

I’m confident you’re a superstar in your niche and I wish your work can shine through to your audience!

Kind regards