Forking Casper with Git - best practices?

Hi! I’m looking to fork the Casper theme to use on my own website.

What’s the best practices to do this AND be able to:

  • merge in changes from upstream Casper (like a new release or 4.0 Ghost (!) update)
  • if I discover a bug, create a branch so I can setup a pull request

What I’m thinking:

  1. Fork Casper in Github
  2. Setup a “www” branch that I use for my deployment and dev that is a clone of master
  3. Update my local master to match upstream Casper/master and merge in changes to “www”
  4. Set my default branch as “www” in Github
  5. Delete all other branches after fork

How does this sound as a best practice?

Forking a theme is no different to forking any other type of repo - not sure what you gain by having a different branch name, that it non standard.

I would be interested in understanding this more. I’ve never used anything like Github (but am familiar with the language around it).

Is there any tutorial that anyone can recommend for me to get started? I’m using a paid theme and customizing it, so I have the same questions and it might be a good reason to learn something new.



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Figured out with some trial and error. You’re right Hannah, I don’t want to non-standard approach.

This worked well for me. I prob still have to create a forked repo and copy changes from my theme to that to submit a Pull Request.

But at least I can pull down changes from Casper and merge in.

Hope this helps someone!