Framer home + Ghost Blog

I have a self-hosted blog
I want to build a custom home in Framer, so I can update easily with marketing stuff and other details.
I still want to keep blog in Ghost as is without messing up my settings.
Is it possible?

Home (Framer): mywebsite .com
Blog+Newsletter (Ghost): mywebsite .com/blog


  1. Change config json

You need to go to config.production.json or config.development.json (depending on the environment) to set the desired url - for example http://localhost:2368/blog/

config is located on the path ghost/core/you config

If you are self-hosted, I assume you have already configured nginx. You will need to reconfigure the nginx configuration for proxying to http://localhost:2368/blog/

After that, Ghost will be available on the url /blog/

Most likely, publications posted at the old url will be unavailable, and all redirects will need to be manually configured in nginx (using regexp(?))


  1. Without change config json

You can set up location for /blog in nginx on proxy_pass localhost:2368 (port using Ghost cms).

But you need to proxy the entire url to Ghost, without /blog/. So that Ghost cms can process the request correctly

node.js - Removing start of path from nginx proxy_pass - Stack Overflow maybe this will help you

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WOW! Thank you for the detailed reply! GREATLY APPRECUATED!

sounds complex btw. I need to google mostof what you suggested. I used DigitalOcean Droplet that did the ghost set up.

My main confusion came in DNS. If I set up my root URL for framer, that would influence rest of the URLs such as myweb .com/blog how would I have 2 DNS directing 2 different places under 1 name?

Do you mean dns settings for the domain?

If yes, when you change the dns settings to framer, the domain will stop looking at the server from ghost

You need 1 proxy server, dns domain settings should look at it. The proxy server should distribute requests to either framer or digitalocean, depending on the url

Unfortunately, I am not sufficiently familiar with framer and digitalocean