Free & discounted managed Ghost hosting for beta users

Hi all. I’ve built a new hosting platform for Ghost, called Atlas.

For beta testers I’m offering free usage of the platform while it’s in early access, and after that I’ll offer a permanent discount. I can’t give an exact figure of this discount yet, but it will be around cost price.

In return I ask that you provide me with feedback on the service.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for the beta here:

If you’d like to know more about the service, or would like to join the waitlist for the non-beta version - here is my landing page:


No more beta users accepted - when will it be available please? Just searching for a ghost hosting for my personal blog and was heading to Namecheap.

Hi there, I’m happy for you to join the beta but can’t guarantee a discount after the beta has ended as I planned to give a limited number of these away. I hope you can understand. If you DM me your email address I can invite you. Thanks

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Hi, I filled out the Google Docs form three days ago but haven’t heard back from you.

You should have named it “ghost house” or “haunted house”!

Buy me a beer if you use the idea :metal:

haha… thank you

How are we doing with the testing? I really like the platform so far and wonder how long it will be on beta (I’m impatient, I know). What is the feedback so far? I have basically only positive things to say but I’m also aware that I’m not an advanced user.

Hey, going well so far. We’re fixing some bugs that our users have found. We’re as keen to launch as you are so will let you know ASAP!