Host your Ghost website on FirePress

I’m glad to say it finally :speak_no_evil:. We just launched our hosting platform for Ghost out in the wild. At FirePress we empower entrepreneurs and small organizations so they can build an outstanding website on top of Ghost.

We fully manage your Ghost installation. For you, it means no server, no VPS or no geeky stuff to care for.

At the moment, our pricing for hosting one Ghost website is $15 (Canadian dollars). This price will be only available for our first 100 new clients, starting May 1st, 2019 :raised_hands:. See our pricing section for details.

I’m hosting websites at scale for more than a year. I can confirm that the stack is very mature at this point. It’s built on: cloud servers at Digital Ocean, Linux OS, Docker Swarm orchestration, cold backups (offsite), well-tested deployment process, Ghost updates via CI/CD, CDN, proxy, etc. If you like geek stuff, you can check out this section of our blog.

As you can see, I’m not a newcomer on Ghost’s forum. I try to help as much as I can over here as I have been using the Ghost platform since version 0.4.

I maintain a few Github repo. Per example, our Docker Ghost image has been pulled more than 11 million times as I’m writing these words. We also maintain a list of curated Ghost themes and a local docker setup to develop Ghost themes.

I’ll end by saying that if this sounds interesting to you :ok_hand:, please start your 10-Day Free trial at

If you would like to know more about me, check out my post « My job is to care ». For any question, ask me below or buzz me on Twitter.



Love to see, that the Opportunitys for hosting Ghost becoming more and more with this Offer of yours. :+1:

It’s definitely much more affordable then GhostPro I think but still a bit pricey in my opinion. I have to ask, why do you choose 15$ for the Entry/Special Offer?

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Your service does seem very nice but $15 a month is still very expensive. Ideally I would be looking at something like $10 a month that competes with other web hosting offers but with the added benefit of having a fully managed Ghost install that we all love so much

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@KranzKrone We are now offering this price for Group #1. At 15$ CAD per month, it’s 40% off from the regular price. You can check out the details under the section “Pricing for each group”. This won’t last forever as this price is available only for the first 100 clients.

It’s simply the best offer we can package while maintaining a sustainable business plan.


P.S. We are not driven by any VC/angel money. We don’t buy client to grow. It’s fully bootstraped.

@Shantesh_Patil Did you factor the US — CAD exchange rate?

Do you mean that there are many other hosting solutions for Ghost at 10$/month or other products like WP?

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I missed the CAD dollar part. Sorry about that.

Also about the pricing let me give you a couple of examples

  • If I wanted to run Ghost on something like Digital Ocean it requires a little effort but I can still host it on their $5 a month plan which has about 25 GB of space. I’d be willing to pay a bit more for a something that’s managed for me was what I was trying to say.

  • Talking about $10 a month plan like what I currently have on Dreamhost allows me to run an unlimited number of sites with no space limits. But ofcourse I can’t run Ghost on it.

Just trying to convey what are things that may be weighing on someone’s mind when thinking about trying your offering.

I think we meet your requirement here :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking. Here is how I see it. We can’t compare this solution for many reasons:

  1. It’s not supporting Ghost (or any node.js apps)
  2. It’s not fully managed
  3. The performance are nowhere close to what we offer

@pascalandy there are just a few or more likely less then a handful of Solutions for around 10$/Month for fully managed Hosting with GHOST.

I’m a Customer myself at a small German Startup Company who’s doing it for 5€/Month. It’s only written in German and so far no plans for Expansion into other Languages like English.

Then you have something like Scaleway or TMD Hosting, doing kinda the same Stuff that Digital Ocean is offering.

So… :wink:

@KranzKrone Thanks for sharing!

Kudos to you (and to them) for running Ghost at scale at this price! You take off 10$ per year only for the domain name, it’s not a lot of cash flow to run everything else.

@pascalandy just a little Extension to my previous Post, for clarifying.

39€/Year is for the Domain, if you choose the Startup to do it for you. They also encourage you to get your Domain somewhere else, so it’s depends on the Customer to choose. :wink:
I have some of my Domains at INWX and some elsewhere.

Maybe this little Company will rise the Price up, someday, to 9€/Month or something like that and even then it would be fine for me.

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Nice work! I love what you are doing Pascal. I think you will have a great market as you build your templates and landing page themes. I will definitely consider your service for new projects. :call_me_hand:Maybe you can look at some featurs not currently on the Ghost dev team priority list. :dark_sunglasses:

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Thanks for the good words :innocent:


I have no intention to fork the project. So far I love the direction Ghost is going. The biggest thing the Ghost eco-system needs IMHO is more solid themes. Something like 10 new one would put the theme question out of the table. The admin panel is great and everyone agrees on this.

Also, having Ghost act as a headless CMS will open so many opportunities soon :slight_smile:

I have been using ghost on linode and it is below $10/ month mark. Now, I have plans to host another instance with google web hosting server. Although, it is way more expensive. As, I will be going for the managed GCE hosting server which will be powered by Cloudways and will let you know what my experience is.

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Sure! I’ll be glad to hear how people manage their apps. Cloudways looks cool. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hello @pascalandy ,
Your service looks interesting.
Currently I use
Very economical VPS with excellent connection speed.
They are the best I’ve found.

I want to be clear about our offer. We fully manage your Ghost installation & all future updates.

For our clients, it means no server, no VPS or no geeky stuff to care for. Check out the section “Hosting details” on our pricing page for all details. Cheers!


This looks great. Any plans for SSO?

I think this is incorrect because CloudFlare only gives Enterprise plan full access to all locations.