Free membership with Pico Theme


I’m looking for help with Pico theme (amazing theme, just what I needed! :heart_eyes:).

The only problem arises when I login. Because even if my blog is 100% free, this call-to-action message appears at the end of the blog asking for an upgrade.

Is there any way to deactivate it?


Hey there! :wave:

Pico is a theme designed for paid members, hence the CTA message appearing. You can remove the CTA by modifying the theme, which can be downloaded from the Design view of the Ghost admin.

You’ll need to modify the subscribe partial file (partials/subscribe.hbs). I recommend hiding the CTA using HTML comments so you can use it again if you wish to use the paid members feature in the future. Here’s a link showing the exact lines of code to comment out (highlighted in yellow):

Hope this helps!

That worked! Thanks @DavidDarnes!

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Radical! :surfing_woman: