Help with how to customise Pico theme

Hey guys,

Joel here. I maintain a small blog at Its been a pleasure tinkering with Ghost over the past few weeks. Just set up Pico on my blog as a theme. It is the perfect blend of a light theme combined with the member option. However, there’s some things I wanted to change (and have no clue of how to) . So wanted to see how to go about it

  1. Change the check out option on member sign ups
    I don’t want to charge anything for my audience currently. The member option is simply to help me build an audience for a newsletter over time. Currently once they submit their info and verify the link it asks for a payment (currently at $0) - I was wondering how to edit this process out altogether. Has anyone done this? Any links appreciated

  2. Crypto integration
    I noticed this was suggested earlier but turned down. I know of atleast 4-5 publishers with large enough audiences that would appreciate being able to be paid in Crypto. It could be in a stable coin like DAI or USDC too. I was wondering if there is anyone else working on this. If so, please do reach out. Would love to collaborate.

Point 1 is what’s annoying me the most right now. Any mechanisms to circumvent it would deeply be appreciated


Hey there! Sure thing, you can edit out that redirect by removing these lines:

Crypto has not been rejected, and is already possible by creating Ghost members via Zapier or directly via API :) it takes some development work, but that’s par for the course in Cryptoland.

Thanks John, I’ll edit it out from the site.
I’ll look at how to do crypto API integrations later today. You are an absolute legend.
Appreciate the quick response.

John - would you happen to be able to tell me how I can change the “upgrade” button’s text to sign-up and the text at the bottom to something more custom Have added an image for reference

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I’m interested on edit this too!

You can edit the subscribe.hbs file: