"Free" subscriber label location

I’m hosted at ghost.io and I am trying to change the “Free” subscriber label to say “BASIC SUBSCRIBER”. My designer has been modifying the theme we are using (Headline) and can’t seem to find this. Is there any way to access this label in the theme or anywhere else?

It’s not editable - it’s baked into Portal. One option is to use a theme page other than Portal, which will give you the ability to customize how your tiers are displayed. The Starter theme has some code that might be useful.

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We’re on the Headline theme, but it seems that maybe Portal is just the subscription theme? My designer can hack themes in his sleep if he can figure out how to update this. I’m using Ghost’s own hosting and I seem to only be able to change/upload the master theme. Am I reading you correct that Portal is some sort of sub-theme just for subscription and member management?

Ghost doesn’t have child themes.

Portal is a separate React app that runs on top of Ghost. It gets automatically loaded on top of Ghost by the {{ghost_head}} helper. You can fork it (you’ll find it in the @TryGhost repo under apps/ ), but if you’re running on Ghost Pro, you’ll need to replace the {{ghost_head}} (probably in the theme’s default.hbs) with what it would otherwise output in order to load the different portal version.

(Note to anyone self hosting: You can specify in config.production.json where the portal code loads from, but this isn’t an option on Ghost Pro.)

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Thanks for all of this. We’ll probably move off of Ghost Pro after we are a bit more developed and stable. They should obviously make this label configurable in the standard design interface and it would be nice to do things like put a link to Terms & Conditions.

You have an option to add T&C right now, no edits needed - it’s under the portal settings that there’s a checkbox you can require, and you’d add the link there.

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Thanks, I just put a link in there. Didn’t realize that I could insert HTML in that box.

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