From address confusion

Hi all,

I need some clarity:

Between my setup experience, and the support desk at, together we figured-out that both the Login email address, and the From address had to be Because sending failed until we set them both the same. Plus, the from addres is not being used, instead bulk email comes from What’s actually supposed to be happening with that whole from address thing?


How was your experience using ghost on pikapods :)

I was new to both Ghost & PikaPods, so everything took me a little longer as a newbie; that’s going to be the case anywhere the first time through. PikaPods is incredibly easy! Fill-out the config questions for whatever you’re starting, and click the start button; 5 seconds later, all the server requirements plus your app has been installed, and you are ready to sign-in as the admin.

For Ghost, the PikaPods setup page asks all the transactional email questions, like SMTP, email address, etc. Then Ghost asks for your mailgun API info.