From email address for SMTP is not updating

Hey team,

Hoping someone can help with all the brains that are on here!!

I’m self hosting on unraid my site, and am trying to switch from using gmail smtp to using mailgun.

I have successfully configured the bulk newsletter send and that seems to work OK, however even though I’ve changed the variables for mail from etc my from emails are still coming from the gmail address. Are there any thoughts on how to update that?

I’ve tried following the guides around using CLI and NANO but they don’t seem to work for me possibly cos I am in unraid, and its i its own docker container?

Any thougths/ideas on a fix would be awesome!

My config can be seen here:


You have setup Mailgun for bulk email. Now you need to set up Mailgun for transactional email. For Ghost, this is handled by production.config.json.

Please refer to the following.

Thanks for that - I’ve finally worked out where my specific issue was…
So it turns out I needed to update the email adddres in the section… I’ve done that and now its working as expected.