Frontpage with different kinds of content

Hey. So I want to create a ghost homepage that a) displays the newest text articles of a publiation and b) has a box, that displays new episodes of a podcast.

I hope this example makes sense
So I would essentially have to treat posts differently based on their tags in the layout (and the css styling). Could somebody give me a rudimentary example of how I’d go about that? Would be very helpful since I’m a bit lost otherwise.

So you’re going to need an extra chunk to generate that podcast box, something like:

{{#get 'posts' filter='tag:podcast' include="tags,authors"}}
{{#foreach 'posts' }}
  put code here to generate each podcast 'card' - look for your theme's 'loop' or 'card' partial.

This is in addition to (and after) the typical {{#foreach 'posts'}} {{> loop}} {{/foreach}} that a typical index.hbs page will have.

Looking at headline might be helpful - that homepage pulls in cards based on tags. It’s not the layout you’re looking for, but it might help you get closer. Tripoli also comes to mind (for having a hero section that’s very close to this), but that’s a paid theme.

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Thanks a lot! that helps :)

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