Full multi-language support

I’ve implemented the proposals from the existing tutorial, but it’s really just a kludge if you have a site where the same content is presented in several languages, as is common in the global world we live in.

This goes beyond just tagging content. It needs to be dynamic, everything from the menu, secondary menu to author bio and messages needs to be translated and displayed in the language chosen by the site visitor.

I think the same. There should be native multi-language support right from the Admin UI without tinkering with themes.

Especially when it comes to a website encyclopedia, so not all of my Russian-speaking users can search through English search bar.

There are some more information regarding multi-language in this post: Multi-language blog with a multi-language theme - #20 by DavidDarnes

Actually you can not support multi language in full site. Maybe in feature ghost will add this feature. Here is a custom dev experience Ghost Multi-Language Theme: Custom Dev Experience - Themes - Ghost Forum

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