Gallery Card improvements


this is my first post with some ideas for the image gallery:

  1. Allow embedding Unsplash images
  2. Allow adding links to each image (like the Unsplash image card)
  3. Allow option to apply auto-scaling and/or -cropping to force image alignment within the same row
  4. Allow adding formatted text descriptions below each image


1-2 are both doable. If you pull an image out of the gallery to make it an image card you can use the normal image card tools to add links and alt text then drag it back into the gallery. Similarly you can drag an unsplash image card into the gallery.

Can you explain what you mean with 3? Gallery images should already resize to fit within the grid structure.

4 would break the gallery layout so would need a fair bit of design to work around the implications.

Thanks Kevin for your swift response.

you can drag an unsplash image card into the gallery.

Uh, this sounds intriguing but doesn’t work for me. I am using Brave (Chromium browser) on macOS to drag and drop an Unsplash image into the gallery but nothing happens. I’ve created first an Unsplash image card, then the Gallery. Then I tried drag and drop of the Unsplash image from its card into the Gallery card. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you explain what you mean with 3?

I want to enforce a horizontal grid structure without images creating new rows in the gallery grid. It should stay a horizontal gallery.

4 would break the gallery layout

Not if it can stay a horizontal gallery grid. :slight_smile:

I think I understand the logic of current limitations: Responsive Design. I played a bit with HTML and CSS which quickly gives good results on the desktop but is harder to tweak for mobile. Ghost’s current approach with limited options makes it super easy and fast to implement on all screens.

So, my only requests are still 1 & 2 which seems already possible but doesn’t work in my browser for some reason… I keep trying.