Gatsby subscribe / all tags / amp / jquery


Hi, I would like to create a subscribe page with Gatsby-react
It’s possible?
Something “basic” like this


I would like to take this opportunity to ask some more questions about gatsby.

  • What will happen to the AMP pages? Do I have to disable them from the ghost CMS? Or is it possible to create AMP pages even with gatsby?

  • Is it possible to convert this jquery function to gatsby-react?

$ (document) .ready (function () {
$ ("p> h5") .prepend ("<b class = 'custom_class'> Hi! </ b>");
  • I am seeing the following error on dozens of pages:

index.js: 144 External link ***************** was detected in a Link component. Use the Component link only for internal links. See:

I think it’s due to internal links in some posts, how to solve the problem?

  • With handlebars I had the following code to show all the tags in a custom page. How to convert it to gatsby-react?

    {{#get "tags" limit = "all" include = 'count.posts' order = 'count.posts desc'}}
            <div class = "tags">
              {{#foreach tags}}
              <a class='tag_custom_a' href='{{ll}}'>
                <div class = "tag_custom_div">
                  <p class = "tag_custom_p"> {{name}} <small> ({{count.posts}}) </ small> </ p>
                </ Div>
              {{/ Foreach}}
            </ Div>
            {{/ Get}}

Excuse all these questions, but I’m sure the answers will also serve other people.

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