Ghost 3 favicon.png requests 500 error

We have a custom self hosted ghost site running in ghost 3 currently. In the headers of our templates we have provided favicon.ico images and I see that it renders the favicon correctly on all browsers however I see that ghost is adding a favicon.png request every time and causing a 500 error like below

Even though we have explicitely outputted a favicon, we are still seeing this error on the front end side. Is there any settings we can change to stop ghost from adding this request in the header automatically?

I have tried: putting an image at the root of the website so it can grab a custom favicon.png

-Stopping requests to favicon by adding this to the header

-Creating a nginx rule to reroute fetching requests to /favicon.png to the correct path

None of this worked so I looked in the source code of ghost 3 and found this piece of code

There is an publication icon that exists inside my ghost admin panel of my ghost blog as well

You need to use relative paths. Edit your link tag like this:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{asset "favicon.png"}}" type="image/png">

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile: