Implement API for

I checked my website against the checker at and it failed for several image types. Gone are the day when a favicon was just a single file uploaded to the server. Today, due to the numerous types of devices people use, there are multiple image types that you need to add to your server.

The favicon generator website offers an easy API, and their service is free. You just upload the image you want, and it generates all the needed files for you. But of course we don’t have SSH access to our Ghost server. So what to do?

My idea is that Ghost leaders reach out to the makers of the RealFaviconGenerator people and have this process be seamless in future versions of Ghost. What say ye?

I like the general idea (creation of differently sized favicons), but I not see an external (closed source) API as the solution.

The functionality itself should not be offloaded, but – should this feature be implemented – done directly inside the Ghost core.

Good, I’m glad you like the idea. Please vote it up.