Ghost 4.0 - Really Terrible for Personal Blog

In the feature request thread that’s been closed and can’t be voted on anymore?

That happened after I posted my reply, but I share your frustration. I almost don’t fault the Ghost team locking it. The tone of some replies (even the title of this thread) have been inflammatory and unproductive. There are human beings behind this tool we all otherwise love using. I also apologise to the Ghost team if I’ve contributed to this.

But it should also be telling the Ghost devs something. A significant number of their users want/need the previous toggle functionality from 3.x, and we still haven’t been given a clear answer why it was removed.

For now I’m recommending people in newsgroups/social media etc to hold off on upgrading to 4.x for now until the proverbial dust settles.

It seems to be WIP as there’s a change request in the code about it. We’ll most likely see a toggle soon.

1 Like, “most likely”? More like definitely. Ghost stated more than a month ago that “we’ll be adding a feature to disable members completely”.

Not sure why people don’t check out Ghost’s Twitter account more often.

And I’m not sure why I didn’t relay the above Tweet a month ago either. Maybe cause I don’t mind seeing rude, demanding, ungrateful people squirm a bit.

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That’s wonderful news! Appreciate you sharing.

Beers all around for the Ghost devs when this is released. Or coffee, or whichever their drink of choice :slight_smile:

Ah, cool. I did not check Twitter, I just reviewed the changelog in the code.

I don’t mind pushing the subscribe model, just needed a way to disable it. I’m messing with my theme now and hard coding the whole subscribe/member sections out.

Most of the previous logic had something like this:

 {{#if @labs.members}} ...

It would be nice if that still worked or something similar was implemented. That aside, I’m honestly really happy with ghost right now. It’s one of the simpler and fastest CMS I’ve used in a long time.

So props for all the great work everyone’s been doing.

So I’m still working through the v4 upgrade, and have also posted a similar question.

So far, the best I have is Code Injection to hide the new Membership pieces. This is what I am using, with the default upgraded Casper theme.

<style type='text/css'>
    /* Hide the Membership aka Subscribe actions etc. */
    .site-footer a[href^=""] { display: none; }
    .gh-head-inner { grid-template-columns: auto auto; }
    .gh-head-brand { max-width: 400px; }
    .gh-head-menu { justify-content: flex-end; }

P.S. I increased the size of the Home aka Brand link to 400px, as it was wrapping badly for most of my users blogs.

P.P.S This may also take out Facebook and other social links, as it hides the Action menu completely.

Thanks for the information in the tweet.

But I think it isn’t particularly constructive to use ad-hominem attacks either — try to criticise ideas/actions and not people

FAQ - Ghost Forum

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Ad hominem attacks
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Hasn’t that always been the ideal for Ghost?

Ghost confirmed that they are going to give an option to disable the member feature completely.

Ghost 4.4.0, which released yesterday supports disabling the members feature. This removes the unpkg script and all the members messaging in the dashboard.

To disable it you need to update to the latest Ghost and go to “Settings > Access” and then click on “Subscription access” and set it to nobody.

Thanks a lot @Kevin for developing this and the whole Ghost team for listening to the users even when the debate gets too heated.


That’s wonderful news, thanks for letting everyone know here @bop :blush:.

I think the key takeaways here are:

  • People need to be more civil when discussing these feature changes, no matter how disruptive they may be perceived. There are real people beind the tools we use, and they’re providing us this platform for free. I apologise for some of my own comments here, re-reading I got worked up a bit too.

  • If it’s any of my business to suggest, a bit more transparency on the part of Ghost’s future development, like WordPress’s Roadmap, or what Ghost had before. I think part of the reason this frustrated so many people was because it felt like a surprise.

Knowing the developers and moderators were listening tells me I still made the right decision using and spruiking Ghost. Onward!

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Great. :+1:

Now, maybe, they will focus on the user interface in Ghost Admin because it is not so good compared to V3.

Also, why can’t you change the favicon in Ghost Admin? :thinking:

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Yeah, the Dashboard is totally cluttered and filled with stuff. Personally, I do not want 90% of what’s there. Thinking of changing core files to get rid of it. The favicon does not bother me as much as the dashboard. Then again… working with a client you do not want the Ghost favicon there, you want the client logo / favicon.


I just wanted to add this in. I just upgraded my blog from version 3.41.5 to 4.4.0 without any issues. I was able to disable the subscribe button with one click. Though this thread did get a bit out of hand. I really want to thank the devs that worked on this. It’s always great when upgrades are a smooth transition.


It seams Ghost end by listening to you guys and add a function to remove the membership model.

However, nothing is perfect, but if some of you still consider to move out of Ghost: Strapi for the hardcore sound a good choice while for others could give a try to Publii.

For the rest, long live to all projects.

I’ll give you my 2 cents on why I use ghost over the other two suggestions but they’re both really cool products.

  1. Strapi: If you’re using Ghost as a way to get data via JSON aka mainly you’re an API consumer. Then I think Strapi is a great contender. I really like the ghost CMS admin interface and find it really easy to publish content using it. Using Strapi I’d have to re-write everything and take the time to create a react/ajax whatever app that turns the JSON into something pretty for users to use. Much too high of an entry bar to get me up and running. Plus ghost themes makes life much easier.

  2. Publii that’s a really interesting project though it has no multi-user support which is a big requirement for me since we have a community of collaborators we’re trying to encourage to contribute to our platform.

Unfortunately the only real big contender I’ve found for an easy to use and extendable CMS are:

  1. The Goliath, WP is okay but doesn’t scale very well and is really pretty slow, especially with the more addons you add. (I’m ignoring Joomla/Drupal etc since they all have the same issues with scaling and speed )
  2. is an interesting concept a mix of a rapid development framework (Django) and a pre-build CMS but it’s really limiting unless you can write code and are able to extend it. Tried it for a while and didn’t work out for us. CodeRed is a custom opinionated CMS build on wagtail that’s more feature rich but still too code heavy.

I have my issues with ghost but tbh, for something that requires very little work to get up and running it’s really a great product.

My wishlist:

  • More control over ACLs aka who can do what and create some custom roles and to permission say a tag or category etc. I want more fine grained control essentially.
  • Custom Code/modules. If I want to do something like subscribe to an RSS feed or embed an RSS feed and render it in a page view. There’s no really easy way of doing except maybe by using external tools. aka. write a service to watch a feed and post to the API when an event occurred.

We may end up writing enough tooling for our community that we may revisit strappi or similar products but for now, I think ghost is a fantastic tool to rapidly spin up new and fast websites.

Everyone has had the chance to add their 2c — now it’s time to move on