Ghost 5.0.0 Subscribe Help

Greetings, I just recently upgraded my blog to Ghost 5.0.0, and I did a complete reinstall of ghost.

However, when attempting to enable users to subscribe to my blog, they don’t get the option even though it says that it’s enabled. Any assistance here?

Thanks, everyone, sorry if I sound new I’m just very confused. and yes, I tapped save and it still didn’t work.

Would need more info to help you, including the url of your site. Or have you solved it since then?

Greetings, still not solved,


When I click “subscribe”, it says “This site is invite-only, contact the owner for access.”

In “Settings/Membership”, you can choose the option for “Subscription access”: Anyone can sign up, Only people I invite, Nobody. I think that should do it?

Greetings, yes that’s what I see however when I tap enable and save it still says it’s invite only.

When you open the Portal Settings page, do you have any tiers enabled and available on signup?


I don’t have any pay tiers enabled on my server at the moment. I had signups enabled because I had it set up where when someone would sign up, they would get notified by their email on our latest blog posts. I’m probably doing something really easy wrong, just very confused is all.



Not sure if this helps further, I have a free plan enabled.

Is the Free plan enabled in Portal settings, as in my screenshot above?

Hello there, I’m not sure I don’t see an option to enable it.


Not sure if it’s important to note, but I am running Ghost 5.1.1, the latest at the time of 5/30/2022.

Hey there, now I’m running Ghost 5.2.0, but still having the issue.