Ghost and Digital Ocean and Maintenance

As a non-techie, I had some general questions about hosting Ghost on Digital Ocean (DO). Please assume that I am starting with a very small site and a $10 Droplet.

My basic understanding is that when you install Ghost on a Droplet on DO that Droplet needs to maintained regularly, correct? I understand from tech people that if its setup “properly” it shouldn’t need too much maintenance.

So, am I right in believing that maintenance will involve running software and security updates and so on. I am not putting backups in the category of maintenance because for me that should be done automatically.

So, how often would you say the DO droplet needs to be maintained? Once a month, once every 2 months, once every 6 months? Email alerts will be set up logwatch so that if something goes wrong an alert is received.

Lastly, how long should it take a tech to do the maintenance (on average)?

I am trying to work out if the work involved makes it worth the savings/flexibility that DO offers!

I’m self hosting on a Digital Ocean droplet, and so far the maintenance involves simply updating the server with the latest Linux updates and dependencies. This takes ~3 minutes and you can do it weekly or monthly depending on how up to date and secure you want the server to be.

You can even automate this on a cron job if you wanted to. Then again, I have everything set up using Docker, so SSL is automatically renewed, and everything is pretty easy to maintain and update. I assume the Ghost CLI would achieve the same effect.

As such, on average, I would say it takes around 5 minutes of maintenance every two weeks or so for updates and just checking on server health. Perhaps even less. Backups can be done automatically using DigitalOcean (they backup only once a week automatically though), so you might want to set up automated snapshots if required.