Hosting on Digital Ocean

From the official Ghost integration for Digital Ocean I am reading “The Ghost 1-Click App allows you to self-host your own Ghost instance up and running in two minutes.” What it doesn’t say is how much it will likely cost. Digital Ocean has so many pricing plans it’s hard to grasp what likely charges will be for a small and currently very low-traffic website. Anybody have a guestimate?

You choose the Droplet size, and this determines the cost to you.

I have a virtual server (not on Digital Ocean, but on Hostinger - the VPS2 plan). It comfortably runs two Ghost sites (separate installs). That plan is 2GB ram, two orders of magnitude more bandwidth than I’m using, and 40GB storage. I run the database on it, too. The Digital Ocean $12 droplet is very similar in terms of specs. You can probably run one low traffic and small storage Ghost in the $4 droplet, or certainly in the $6 droplet.

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