Ghost As Backend Only


This is more of a question, per say. I’m experimenting by separating the content from the Ghost installation. I see Ghost has API built in so I thought, great! I want to use the front-end of my choice, a separated app. Is it possible to install Ghost Admin as standalone then fetch data from its REST API?

If not, do I need to install Ghost as normal then use routing to prevent the theme from rendering? Seem…wrong.


Sure, Ghost works great as a headless CMS :slight_smile: easiest thing to do is to run a normal install and then enable “Private Mode” in Settings/General - after that, you can generate an API key under Integrations.

Docs for front-end frameworks here: (only a few but more coming)

And if you’re planning to roll a static front-end you might be interested in the Netlify integration here:


:scream: Thanks!


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